Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bailey turns 9!

I can't believe my girl is 9!  It really seems like yesterday that JT and I were chasing this curly headed, no napping, full of life little girl, ALL over the place.  She has always been on-the-go! She continues to make us laugh and keep us busy.  Happy 9th Birthday sweet girl! 

At her "Skating" party this year, Bailey asked her friends to make a donation to "little treasure's" orphanage instead of giving her a present. With her birthday money she was able to purchase 2 pairs of shoes for every girl in the orphanage!  We had so much fun shopping and I loved to once again see the BIG heart God gave her shine through.

We managed to squeeze all of the shoes in this suitcase and they will be delivered this weekend!  We are both very excited...