Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Very Special Night

Some sweet friends from my Life Group
hosted a Couple's shower and dinner
for JT and I last weekend.

It was such a special night shared with some of our dearest friends.

JT even joined in with the opening of gifts.

Well... he opened one gift
and then headed to the paito with the rest of the guys. ;-)

We were overwhelmed with the love and generosity we felt that evening. It has been a long adoption journey for us filled with many ups and downs. To celebrate Alex was such a blessing.

Our cup runneth over...


Thursday, May 26, 2011

5th Grade Promotion

I absolutely can not believe that my girl will be starting Middle School next school year. It seems like such a big milestone. Maybe more for me than her? She's my first baby after all...

Wednesday night was the Fifth Grade promotion. I watched my girl walk across the stage and I wondered, Where has the time gone? When did she get so big?

We are so very proud of you Bailey!

Always keep Christ in your heart. Always be the kind, beautiful,
energetic, out-going treasure that God created you to be.

We love you.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Recitals

This was a busy month of recitals for my girls. We really enjoyed seeing them perform and are very proud of their hard work! Glad to know the lessons are paying off! :-)

Voice Recital
May 16th

Bailey and Sullivan's Duet. Stepsisters' Lament from Cinderella

Bailey's solo. Thoroughly Modern Millie from Modern Millie

Whew. Done!

So cute! Listening to their performances on the Flip camera.

Piano Recital
May 19th

Bailey performed Andante and The Snake Charmer

Violin Recital
May 23rd

Ready to face on!

Olivia has been taking violin for 2 years. I am amazed at how quickly she learns a new song. She has almost completed the first book! The songs featured in the recital were Hebraic Dance and Lament, Amazing Grace, Slane-Be Thou My Vision, The Happy Farmer, Minuet II, Road to Lisdoonvarna, Allegro, Song of the Winds, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, May Song, Bile 'Em Cabbage Down and Orange Blossom Special. My very favorite by far is "Amazing Grace."


Monday, May 16, 2011

Crazy talent - Crazy big heart!

This is my sweet friend Brooke Brown and her handsome family of boys. I met Brooke last year when she joined my Life Group. To say I am blessed to know her is an understatement. Brooke has blessed me(and my family) in such a huge way that I am left speechless. Rare... I know.

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Brooke has recently started a photography business. The girl is crazy talented...

Check out her website and this article recently published about Brooke:

To tell a little about Brooke... She is tender-hearted - She desires to glorify God in all she does - She takes action to what God has placed on her heart.

Brooke has so graciously offered to donate proceeds from her Spring mini-sessions to go towards our trip to the DR. Her generosity will help purchase new items for the Missionary House my family will stay in for the time we are there. Not only will we benefit from her blessing... future Mission teams will as well. Her gift will keep on giving and giving and giving...

That is the heart of my friend Brooke Brown.

She is a true treasure.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Last Hooray!

A couple of weeks ago, JT and I had the opportunity to stay at the Loews Resort in Miami, Florida. My hard-working husband won a trip to this beautiful resort with his company. I was fortunate to tagalong.

Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, United States of America

We called this trip our "Last Hooray." We know there won't be any getaways for the two of us for awhile. Once we get our little guy home... no one is going to leave him!

While JT was doing what he loves.....

I enjoyed what I love... spa treatments! Totally relaxing...just what this momma needed!

Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, United States of America

We really enjoyed our time together. Just the two of us.

Alex was at the center of our conversations...of course. We can't wait to get our little guy home!

Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, United States of America

I am so proud of my husband. He works hard for his family... and he brings his wife along on these fabulous trips too! :-)