Friday, December 9, 2011

Coming Home!

We arrived in the Dominican Republic on June 10th and we are coming home on December 10th.

6 months.

God had quite the journey planned for us!

JT and I are forever changed by our adoption experience. Not only are we parents to an adorable, funny and busy 2 year old boy...we have also been through a life changing experience.

God has worked through us - in us and around us. Mostly he has worked in us. We have been stretched, broken, refined, covered, blessed and simply held.

We are not the same JT and Angie that began this journey. Our girls are not the same. There is no way that we could be. You see when God has shown himself to you over and over and over again...there is change.

It was painful and hard at times, but that's when we knew we were growing! God pulled us closer to him. Directing our attention and focus back on him. Back on the one who called us to adoption...the one who knew we would say, "Yes!"

Our journey has been about so much more than our precious son. But -oh what a gift he is! Our journey has also been about surrender as well . Being reminded that God is in control. All the time. With all things.

We arrived in the Dominican Republic

and God met us there.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We are so grateful and can not wait to introduce you to Alex!



  1. Just beautiful!

    It is just like you to give all the glory to God for this incredible journey.

    Crying tears as I prepare to meet Alex today.

    I am looking forward to meeting the new and improved Thomas family!

  2. beautiful, amazing, powerful, perfect. cannot wait to see you all! xoxo Brooke

  3. Hallelujah!!! So glad you are finally HOME!!! And for CHRISTMAS!!!! Praise the Lord:)

  4. Those dates are incredibly ironic. wow girl. We of course will miss your smiles. May the Lord bless you as you raise and train three gifts.