Friday, February 17, 2012


My dear friend Jenny ( has tagged me. Thanks friend!

The rules of the award: 1) thank the person who gave you this award. 2) list 7 things people may not know about you. 3) pass it along to a few other bloggers.

Goodness - the pressure!!!!

This is actually kind of hard for me, but here it goes...

1) My goal/dream is to one day run a marathon. Maybe a 13.1 - here's the thing though, I am not a runner.

2) I can see us having a 4th child - adopted of course . Yep. Just putting that out there - don't tell JT yet.

3) Chipped nail polish is one of my biggest pet peeves. Ask my girls!

4) I was once pregnant with triplets. Naturally. Bailey was 4 yrs old and Olivia was 2.

5) Prefer salty over sweet. Always.

6) I look on the brighter side of things. Look for the good and can be too trusting at times.

7) I am a 70's girl. Love the music! Had I not been in elementary school in the seventies, I am sure I would have been wearing long skirts, with flowers in my long hair promoting peace in the world.

There you have it.

I am tagging my sweet friend Shari - This will keep her busy while she waits to travel to China. She adopting a precious little girl named Maggie Mei.



  1. Yea! You did it. Even with all you have on your plate.
    I pretty much knew everything except the marathon. Maybe I will join in on your quest. I would love to run 13.1. Not sure about the whole thing!

  2. loved reading these things about you angie! look forward to cheering for you on your road race. :) and a 4th - already excited about that one!! :) brooke