Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Story

It is our intention to share our adoption journey with family and friends,  journal our thoughts and life leading up to becoming a family of five. It is also our plan to one day  share with our "little treasure" the journey that brought us together, the encouraging comments you have written and the love we have as her Forever Family.

(Warning...this is a long post)

It took a long time to get to where we are today.  A long long time!  In 2004, many of you know that we were pregnant for a third time.  Bailey was 4 and Olivia was 2.  We prayed about another baby and our plan was to have three children 2 years a part. Needless to say, we were shocked to hear that we were expecting triplets.  Our hearts broke as we gradually lost all three babies.  However, we became very peaceful as we trusted God with His plan for our family.  With the high possibility of getting pregnant with multiples again, my age and certain health risks, we decided that we would not have any more biological children. We had two happy, healthy girls and we just could not ask for more or endure the loss of a pregnancy again.

Life went on, but my desire to have another child did not go away.  I remember talking with friends and wondering how they knew that they just wanted one or two children and that was it.  Done.  Why couldn't I just feel "done?"  Why was there something missing?  I was content with our life, we were happy and the girls were great.  I realize now that my heart had room for more. 

Several of my dearest friends have adopted.  It was a privilege to share their journeys with them. When one in particular shared her China adoption with our Life Group,  I began to have my eyes (and heart) opened to adoption and orphans.   During that time, God began whispering to my heart...we would grow our family through adoption. 
I shared with JT what I had been feeling.  I don't think he was too surprised. Typical of my husband, he wanted me to gather information and let's just see where it takes us. That was in 2006.  I began to research all of the large adoption countries.  I have always been drawn to the Spanish culture and because we also met the country specifications, we started looking at Guatemala.  Since we have two daughters, maybe we would adopt a son?  I prayed that God would direct our paths, open and close any doors along the way and move in my husband's heart.

The door to Guatemala closed. Completely. The country closed their adoption program to new families at the time I was inquiring with several agencies.  I continued praying for direction. I knew that God was calling us to adopt but my plan was not going so well. Guatemala closed...husband still not completely on board.  Not good.

In September, 2007, I had the opportunity to go on a Mission trip to the Dominican Republic with my church. One of my best friends (of 20 years!) was also part of the team. We shared an amazing experience serving together.  I loved the people I met in the DR and was changed in many ways when I came home. Little did I know at the time, this was part of the journey to our daughter. 

I continued to pray about adoption, I just felt like I was at a stand still. I was waiting.  Waiting on God to move us from this place of uncertainty.  Was He really calling us to adoption?  It had been years now....and I'm typically not that patient, but I trusted God.

June 2008, my friend was back in the DR on another Mission trip. This was a medical trip in Nagua. The second day she was there, "little treasure" was dropped off.  Laura was able to hold her, love on her and pray over her.  (I feel that I need to add these details because it really is part of our story.)  Knowing that I had been praying about adoption, knowing that JT was where he was with the process, knowing everything that a girlfriend knows... she began, on that very day, praying whether this sweet girl was meant for us. 

When she gets back from her trip she shows me the most beautiful pictures of this little girl.  I began to fall in love with her sweet face.  It was at this time, JT and I had some true heart to hearts.  I always believed he would say yes to God's calling.   It just took him awhile to answer and now I know why.  It wasn't time. Now it is.  

God's Timing is Perfect.



  1. Absolutely beautiful! God's plans are always better than our own. I cannot wait to meet "little treasure"!

  2. It was almost a year ago. We were sitting by the pool with all of our girls, when you first told me about Emily. I knew that day, that you would one day bring her home! One day at a time, and each day you are one day closer!! Angela