Friday, June 5, 2009

The Nursery

The room is almost ready.  I have just a few things left to do.  The most important on the list is to bring our sweet girl HOME!

This rocking horse was given to us when Bailey was born 9 years ago. It was passed down to Olivia and now to "little treasure".   It is very special to us!  

(It was made by Mr. Hawley.  He is the father of JT's longtime friend, Mark. The two have been friends since Kindergarten!) 

           I plan to spend a lot of time in this chair getting to know our little one.

                                       Every little girl needs a baby doll.  

                                      Her sisters are ready for a tea party.

The color is off in some of these pictures because of the time of day they were taken.  Trust me is PINK!

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