Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Star Swim Meet - 2010

Bailey and Olivia BOTH made the All-Star team!
One was super-excited. One was super-unsure about it all.
It was an exciting event and our team WON by 20 points.


Bailey placed first in breaststroke and second in butterfly.

Look at her go! This girl LOVES to swim.
She is competitive and thrives in a competition.

Olivia placed third in backstroke!

This is her first year on the Swim Team
and she made the All-Stars!

What a huge accomplishment.

This sweet girl of mine is not as competitive as her sister.
During the meet (in tears), she told me
that she did not want to do this again.

It was too much pressure for a 7 year old! :-)

I am so proud of my girls. Both uniquely and wonderfully made!

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  1. Hey Angie! Great pics of the girls! I was a swimmer on a swim team at their age too! Loved it!!hope you are doing well and hope you had a great birthday. We all need to get together soon!! Love ya! Sue