Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Special friends

One of the many blessings we have experienced with our adoption is getting connected with the Tucker family. They received their referral for Daniela the same day we received ours for Alex. We have all been in the DR about the same amount of time. Today is 60 days.

We were in contact before we came to the DR and once we got here, we actually met for the first time. It was an easy - effortless beginning to a friendship. JT and I are so very thankful to walk this last leg of our adoption journey with them.

Our kids were in heaven when we moved into the house directly behind theirs. They have played together every single day - all day. Singing and dancing shows were performed and Friday night was "Movie" night. Their form of transportation from our house to theirs was by sliding down a palm tree. Seriously.

Gregg, Taryn and James flew back to Colorado today. School starts this week for them. We were all sad...especially the girls. Mercy, little Will (3 months) and Dani are still here waiting out the rest of this long process. Please pray for my friends. It is so hard to have your family spread out like this adoption has made us all have to do. They are a precious family with a strong faith.

We know God is in control and will see us through this time when our families have to be apart. This is the hard part. Plain and simple.

But when you look at these two sweet faces...we know it is all worth it.


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