Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jardin Botanica Nacional

Who knew there was such a lovely Botanical garden here in Santo Domingo!? It is absolutely beautiful. Just a little piece of paradise here in the Dominican Republic.

Mercy and I (along with her Mom) loaded up the kids and strollers for a long walk around the beautiful gardens. We also enjoyed a picnic lunch in the Japenese Garden.

It was a fun day.....but it was HOT! It may not look like we are in the DR, but trust me- WE ARE!

In some countries, adoptive families travel as a group. It becomes such a huge source of encouragement to each other as you go through your adoptions. Our agency did not connect our families. We did by chance, or really we feel like God brought us together. Just one of those details only he can do.

So meet our travel group (minus JT, Greg, Taryn and James)! We are on this last leg together.

...and I am so thankful.

Who's crazy child is that standing up in his stroller with just a diaper on?? Oh wait. He's mine.


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