Sunday, September 11, 2011

Servant Hearts

Today Alex and I visited Pastor Mario's church in Villa Mella. I have loved going back to see our Dominican family. We are so loved on and prayed for by our friends there.

It was extra special, because I got to see the team that has been here all week from our church in Charlotte. Amber Eddings has led this trip for several years and she has such a heart for the DR. I was great seeing some familiar faces from home!

Seriously did my heart some good!

Alex most definitely has some new friends. He even decided to join them in front of the church as they talked about their week here doing construction on Pastor Mario's church. The congregation also prayed a blessing over the team. Alex decided he liked to be front and center. He is shy like that!

New friends

Old friends

We are hanging in there, would love to hear some good news from the Court this week. We are so ready to start our 30 day appeal. It looks like it will be October before we are all home together.

I am seriously missing the Thomas Girls!!! Their handsome, harmonica playing Dad too!

Like father- Like son


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  1. He is so so precious! I love the harmonica picture.
    I am glad you saw some familiar faces this week.
    Praying for good news today!!!