Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Jt and I traveled back and forth from the DR to CLT this past month. I was needing some serious time with my girls as it had been 45 days since I was last home.

I enjoyed every single minute of my 2 weeks back in Charlotte. Bailey and Olivia both had lots of activities going on. Bailey was an Oompa Loompa in her Middle School production of Willy Wonka Jr., Olivia had a solo violin concert and her last tennis match! I loved being back in my element! :-)

Opening night!

The undefeated Weddington Swim and Racquet "Super Stars"

Good news... We have finally started our 30 day appeal process which will end on November 17th. Woo hoo! That took F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Other good news... The Tucker family has completed their adoption! They left for Denver, CO today. Many tears were shed and I will miss my friend. However, I rejoice with them that their process is done and they are reunited as a family!

One last big hug from Tia Mercy

I am again reminded that God has been in every single detail of this journey. He has blessed our two families beyond what we could even ask for.

This is truly the home stretch right now. I continue to dig deep and rely on God for my every day provision. I know it will be harder without Mercy here to do the day to day life with me. I will miss her. However, I know God had this planned. He knew. He knows. I am holding on to the promise that He does not change. My circumstances may change, my life may look different... but He is the same. Right here with me.




  1. Beautiful Angie! I LOVED the picture of the Tuckers in the car....oh how happy. You will be there soon Sister. Until then, I look forward to learning more from you. See you Thursday!

  2. So happy to have a post from you on whats going on! I've checked weekly but nothing was posted.....so I waited. I see you online w/ skype but let you have time w/ family and I dont "pipe in" as you know I can do! Finally, today I see good news and pics of the girls! I wished JT a happy birthday....and i wish I was there to give support while you've been gone. One day, my prayers will be answered too but for now, I am sooo happy for you! Wow, what strength you have....ole' friend. I am humbled....luv u, Michelle

  3. Oh it just makes me so sad to think you are there without Mercy. I am so glad you had her for the time you did. She was a huge blessing in this journey.

    We are praying for you!!

    I can't wait to start making airport plans!

    Hug Alex for me.