Monday, November 21, 2011

Thomas - Party of 5

JT, Bailey and Olivia arrived in the Dominican Republic yesterday!! I was so incredibly happy to have my family reunited. July was the last time we were all together...and that is way too long for this Momma.

We are going to spend our week being "Thankful" for all God has done for us. Especially - for our new son and brother.

Please say a prayer for our little guy. These transitions are getting harder and harder for him.

I was so happy to hug on my girls. They look so big to me!

Happy to hug on my guy too.



  1. SO great to see you all together!!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait 'til you're all home. xox

  2. Wow you all look so happy! I am so glad you are all together.

    Enjoy Alex's first Thanksgiving.

    Please update us when you have some new news!

    Looking forward to seeing you all together here.

    Love ya!

  3. So happy to see your family together. We hope your family has a blessed Thanksgiving. Although our family has never met your family, we keep you in our prayers each day. We pray you are home soon. I look forward to communicating with you about the details of the adoption process as we await our referral in the Dominican Republic.
    Love in Christ,

  4. love these pictures of your family together angie. you look beautiful angie -- your full heart shining through, i'm sure. :)

  5. Is this best place to the arms of your family. Everyone looks soooo happy! Gonna be a great holiday season! Blessed!
    Love, Michelle, Sasha and Mason