Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 2- Super Alex!

Hola from the DR!

Today was our second day with Alex. They arrived at 10:00 and we were all waiting for him. The psychologist wanted to see more interaction with JT today because Alex is not around a lot of men.

He came straight to me climbed in my arms and put his head in my chest. Loved it... But had to share him! We proceeded to play with balls and cars. The sweet boy turned the switch on!!! Mr. Personality came out. He is so funny and sweet. JT and Alex really connected today.

We can't wait for tomorrow!

Funny story- late yesterday afternoon Olivia called JT and I outside and told us to hurry. She said there is a cow in the road! What??
Sure enough a little boy was navigating a herd of cattle down our street 3 feet from our front door. Next time Olivia says she sees an animal, I may move a little quicker!

Please pray for Bailey- she is ok but having some tummy troubles.

Love to all-


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  1. Hey Sweet girl, are you still in DR, because I would like to see you and the girls? Celeste let me know about you!