Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 21

We are on day 21 in the Dominican Republic. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks of Co-habitation with our little guy. We will have 2 more weeks of to complete that phase of our adoption.

Alex is doing great! He is keeping us on our toes for sure. He moves faster than I can even think! For example.... We are staying a couple of nights in a resort in La Romana (super nice with A/C and hot water!!). As we are getting in our room and unloading bags, we notice that Alex is quiet. In that short period of time he has dunked the remote in the toilet. Seriously? How does he come up with that so quickly?? That is just one example of many! ;-)

The girls are doing great as well. They love the ocean and enjoying some snorkeling. This is a nice little getaway for our family. We love to be near the water and so does Alex. He plops himself down right where the waves come in and plays in the sand forever.

We miss home - but have decided that we are all good when we are together - no matter where we are. We are making the best of our time here. I will say that after this little time in a hotel room as a family of 5.... I am more thankful for the house we are staying at in SDQ....even without A/C and hot water!

This adoption has been full of ups and downs. Even while we have been in country. We now have HATW's lawyer working with the lawyer we know here. She is using her as a resource. As of right now, Madelaine is in the process of filing for our reduction. As I mentioned earlier, Alex needs surgery on his hernia. We have a consultation already set up in Charlotte for August 8th. We are praying the judge will take that into consideration and shorten our time.

I am not sure we will all be back for his consultation date. We have been informed that after the Co-habitation we will still have another 30 days in country for the "Appeal Process". We did not know this information. We found this out while we have been in country. JT may come back home after our Co-habitation is complete and I will stay here in the DR with Alex. We are not sure about the girls yet. We will keep you posted.

Please continue to pray for us. Pray that God would show favor on us and we could all be home before school starts. That is bothering me the most.

Even though this has been difficult at times - we truly look at the blessings around us. It is a beautful country, our family is together, everyone is healthy and most importantly-- we have a new addition to our family-- a busy, funny, sweet little guy named Alex.

Love to all-


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  1. Thanks for the update! I am so glad you all had a few days of AC in a nice resort.
    We are praying for a shorter stay for everyone. I am so glad you were able to get Alex an appointment here.

    I called you today. We are home now and I would love to talk to you!