Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Big Day!

Yesterday was pretty amazing. We arrived at CONANI around 10:30. First we met with social worker to go over some more paperwork. She also gave us a few more pictures of Alex. That means so much to me- although none were of him as baby

Our meeting with the doctor was next. Before we went in the room - here comes our little man. He was dressed in the cutest little " Dominican" outfit. It was light blue linen shirt/short set. He came straight to me and I picked him up with lots of hugs and tears.

We had a great meeting with his doctor. She gave us so much information about his schedule,food he eats and all the medical info she had. We also got his updated shot record/blood work.

Alex is scheduled for hernia surgery June 30th here in the DR. A team of Italian doctors are coming to do surgeries needed for children in orphanages. We were told the cost of the surgery would be covered but the decision to have it here or not was ours to make. The doctor was very adamant about the urgency of the surgery. The hole has not closed as it usually does with most babies. It does cause him pain and there is always the possibility of the hernia rupturing.

Jt and I do NOT want to do the surgery here. We want to be home with our doctors.

We don't want to cause him more pain in waiting, but feel the decision will be best for us all.

We are talking to our lawyer about reduction in length of stay here. She said that a much needed surgery might help the judge with that decision. That would be the only good thing about our guy needing surgery. The only thing.

We finished up with all of the sweet ladies at CONANI and headed back to our temporary casa.

Alex had trouble getting to sleep last night- but once he did he slept through the night.

He's had a good day with a few tummy issues. Took a two hour nap- much needed. It is very interesting learning about our sweet boy. He definitely has ways of self soothing. He plays with the collar of his shirt and does this little sucking noise. It makes me a little sad.

Please pray for us as we figure each other out. I know this must be hard for him. Although- he is still the sweetest - most loving little stinker. ;-)


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  1. oh -- so hope they let him come home for surgery!! love that you are probably snuggling up with him RIGHT NOW!