Monday, July 25, 2011

Full Circle

We made a special trip to visit Emily's orphanage a couple of weeks ago. It has taken me awhile to put my thoughts together..and hard to put down.

She is still as sweet and sassy as ever. Just a little treasure. I adore her.

Our family enjoyed interacting with all of the girls. We were there for several hours jumping rope, coloring with chalk, playing games and painting fingernails.

Emily and Bailey really connected. Where you would find one... you would find the other. JT and I tried to spread ourselves around. Those sweet ones just wanted our attention, our hugs and just to be held. I wanted to be about 20 people that day...I wanted to give each girl what she wanted/needed at that very moment. What I feel for those treasures just touches deep into my very soul.

I wondered how I would feel as my family finally met Emily. I truly believe God used her sweet life to get us where we are our son, Alex. Emily was a part of His plan. We can now SEE and UNDERSTAND.

What I do struggle with is... what about her, Lord? Does she have to stay in the orphanage? Are your plans for her to have a home with a Mom and Dad? I have a hard time with that part. I continue to pray that God will protect her and I continue to trust His plan for her life.

We had an amazing was beautiful to me.



  1. i love reading your posts...and this picture of you with both of your 'dominican kids' is so precious. hope i will get to meet sweet alex soon!

  2. this post has the hairs on my arms standing on end. its so powerful, trying to imagine what the lord has in mind for emily. can't explain how much it moves me....