Thursday, July 14, 2011

A post by Bailey

Hi it's Bailey, (The oldest child of Angie)

I am having a great time in the DR but, I am missing my friends Sullivan and Sarah and, my Gammie but , most of all my dog Oliver! ; ) I have made plenty of new friends, Jose a 3 year old boy who knows how to dance, and his cousin Noamie, a 10 year old girl full of fun across the street. Upstairs is Doniel a 7 year old boy who likes to play soccer or (futball) and his sister Giselle Marie also known as Giselita she is a 5 year old trouble maker but is fun to play with. Yes, everyone of them speaks spanish, but a language barrier can not stop this social butterfly from making friends!

Alex is sooo cute but don't let the face fool you he is a a trouble maker. But he is a 2 year old boy so what can you expect! He LOVES agua (water) when he gets out of the bath mom calls him her chocolate drop!

We all love to play dominoes we play for hours!!!!! I SERIOUSLY miss asian food from Pei Wei. No AC doesn't really bother me nor hot water. We play outside all day with our friends -we have so much fun. We jump rope and play hide and seek. It rains all the time here and the thunder is SO loud.

Please pray for our family so we can be home with chocolate drop soon.



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  1. Hey Thomases!!!

    Hooray God! Can't wait to meet him!

    Love you all and praying for you,