Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A post by Olivia

Hi, It's Olivia. One of the children of Angie ( but not from the Dominican Republic.)

Just so you know I'm typing by myself Mom isn't doing it for me. Anyway, I was thinking when I was on the plane a lot. I was wondering why would God pick ME? Why not someone from my class? Why not my neighbor? No one really knows. My family has been on a rollercoster of ups and downs here in the DR. Food is an up :). Cold showers are a down :(. And Alex is a.... well, who knows!? I think the most word we use around here is, "no."

We've done a lot of cool things here. But my favorite was Barra Payan. It's a resturant. They have soooooo many different juices. Dad is addicted to thier mango juice!!!!!

Our family has been meeting with another family thats using the same agency as we are "Hands Across the Water." They are the Tuckers. You might of read thier blog. They are a really nice family.

Well, little Alex is a handfull!!!! Usually here's what happens to Mom at least fifteen thousand times a day. She thinks that she can have a couple minutes to herself while we handle our brother. So... Mom plops down in the rocking chair. At first when she heard screaming she ran and said "Where is the fire?" Now, when she hears screaming and we yell, "Mom!" she just walks over calmly and Alex settles down.

Please pray for our family as we complete our adoption of John Alexander Thomas. My little brother.

Olivia Thomas (Liv)

PS - If you are a Mom of any of my girlfriends...please tell them "Hi!" from me.

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